Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Reflection on Google practical project

On the beginning of the semester we were assigned to do training session for our class mate in order to use Google helpful tools in our daily life as student and in our work life. After the training was done we assigned to do a Google site to insert how we used Google tools and how it is helping us as students.

After I used some of Google tool which I liked I will talk to you about how I used each tools:

starting with the blogs as a part of our project is to have a blog so I made a knew blog which I named it salma rashid1990 and I was putting my post in it from pictures, videos and essay and it was easy to use.

Moving to the next tool that I used Google calendar. I used this tool and I liked it because I was putting my projects deadline and my exams date so actually it was beneficial to me.

In Google searching I learned many things which helped me through searching.I learned to shortcuts about how to search for example, I can only type population and choose any country then i will get the result, or I can type Define then the word I will get the definition. These are new thing that I didn't know about it before.

I went form Hotmail to G-mail as I find out that it has a lot of features and it is easier to use. one thing that I did was to change the theme which it one of the features the G-mail have.

Google site is one of the tools that we have to do for our project. When I started to do my own site I recognized that it is easy and any one can do their own Google sites. I started creating new pages and uploading pictures that I needed. Also, I can choose from the different themes that are available there.

Google Picasa was one of the tools that I benefited from as I don't know how to use photo shop this site helped me to play around with picture as we are required to do some posters.

Google chrome became my internet browser instead of internet explorer. I find out that this is better and faster and easier to use.

In Google docs I was sharing my documents with my friends as it help us as a group as we can share our work together.

Google maps is a useful website that we can look for any direction of any place that we want with the time that will need to arrive to the place that we want.Plus, I can see pictures of many places then to choose from it where to go. This is a useful website for our normal life.

Google reader was a new tool that i knew about it. I can subscribe all my favorite website in one place then I can read it later at any time I want.

In social bookmarking website I can look up for articles, books and movies save them then I can share it in twitter or Facebook.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Faces of ground zero

This is some giant Polaroid photos of heroes and survivor of September 11


Our teaching for mis was about e-commerce, so in this teaching lessons we showed the students multiple sites.


In this site we can search for hotels, flights, vacation rental and restaurant in various countries and cities. If i want to check out a restaurant I can choose among the variety of types. I can look at the prices there, the kind of food that they have, they are ranking there service, food, value and atmosphere. They can rank it as excellent, very good, average, poor or terrible. We can see also the reviews of people who already visited the restaurant. 


In this site people can shop online and choose from the various product. People can check the product, the price of the product, the description of the product, customer reviews and how the rank it from 5 and the customer reviews.

It is a matter of trust, the customers should trust these websites in order to deal with it.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


This is a poster that I did for the history course which was about the Abbasid

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


One of our projects for this semester for miss candy was a presentation about spinsterhood. In this project we were required to talk about the three word view: shame vs. honor, power vs. fear and innocence vs.guilt.

For our topic the it is a shame as people will be bulling her and it is a shameful situation to her family.

The spinster have a fear from the society judgment, fear from being alone and low self esteem.

The spinster will be innocence if her family set impossible request or if preferred  to marry a foreigner.
On the other hand, the spinster will be guilty if she set impossible request, choose her career over her marriage and if she is waiting for the perfect man. 

We can say that this is an Intra culture issue which is major issue in UAE and the number of spinsterhood is increasing.

here is our presentation design

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Barbecue with family

Our Family gather every week and on one week they decided to barbecue. It was on February that the weather was warm and we could stay out together as our weather is hot and we can't do a lot of  outside gathering. It makes us close as we all are setting together chatting and every body is helping each for the barbecue. We were barbecuing meet, chicken, shrimp and mushroom. The boys this time was taking the responsibilities of putting the meat and chicken on the stick ,so that was great as we can see boys preparing the barbecue for the family. I like the family gathering specially when all of us set together.


My niece and nephew birthday cake surprise

Last week me and my brother and sisters went to mirdif city center. We wanted to have a dinner at PF Chang but we changed our destination to uno restaurant. After we finished our food we decided to make a surprise for my niece and nephew by giving them a birthday cake. the restaurant crew came with two cakes and started singing to them and they were very surprised about it as it was the first time. After that they were very happy and ate the chocolate cake.

Maryam & Hamdan